Port forward using Tor

I know FreedomBox currently uses PageKite but what if users could choose to port forward using Tor instead? If I understand correctly, Tor can handle the server side work of ngrok/pagekite. Here are some resources on the concept: Bypass NAT without UPnP or Port Forwarding using Tor - Tazdij, nat - how i can make port forwarding using tor? - Super User. If we could have a setup based on this principle, the users would no longer have to depend on such freemium services.

Hi @cryptophyta

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A Tor app is already available within FreedomBox. Did you try it ?

Yes, but IIUC, I do not know of any Tor based FreedomBox app/configuration that can serve as a PageKite/ngrok alternative, allowing a FreedomBox bypass NAT level blocking.

I may not well understand your issue @cryptophyta , is this relevant ?

28.3. Using Tor Onion Service to access your FreedomBox

Tor Onion Service provides a way to access your FreedomBox, even if it’s behind a router, firewall, or carrier-grade NAT (i.e., your Internet Service Provider does not provide a public IPv4 address for your router).

seen in FreedomBox/Manual (Tor)

Yes, §28.3 and §28.4 are relevant.
A part of what I am trying to achieve is already there. The problem (as it seems to me) is that §28.4 mentions a list (though non-exhaustive,) of apps that can be accessed over Tor.

What I am trying to do is make this procedure application-agnostic.

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