Plinith doesn't appear on my Freedombox Router

I am unsure if I may have missed a step or if something unusual is going on, but I am connected to the router that my Freedombox is linked to through LAN, but nothing appears when I go to freedombox.local.

I have left my freedombox on without manually using it for the past few weeks, so I don’t know if restarting it would help.

Any other ideas?

Thank you

Is this is a freshly setup machine or a existing FreedomBox? Somethings to check:

  • freedombox.local does not work from some OSes such as Windows
  • Make sure you have written the disk image using Ethcher or double check the process.
  • Login to router interface to check if FreedomBox has requested IP from it and use that IP to connect.

It was actually working perfectly fine from Chrome on Windows before. I haven’t tried any other way, though.

So this is a working setup that stopped working suddently.

  • Did you change any networking configuration?
  • What hardware is this running on?
  • Is the device continuing to receive power (did you trip on the power cord? :slight_smile: )
  • You may want to try powering off and powering on the device (if this is Lime2, you probably will need to remove the battery and connect again)?
  • Are there any additional USB devices connected to this?
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even i too have the same problem.
every thing went well after setup and network-in and out configuration.
But at one point of time after a sudden powerloss i couldnt access plinth there after.
i am able to use just the login using tty1 command line interface …to the server.
how can i again access plinth service