Php-fpm dependency doesn't seem to be reflected

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Installing freedombox from the debian repository with apt resulted in a permanent hang at first setup.
Launching plinth from the command line revealed a missing dependency:

INFO plinth.setup         Running first setup.                                                                                                 
INFO plinth.setup         Running setup for apps, essential - True, selected apps - None                                                       
INFO plinth.operation     Operation: apache: Installing app: added                                                                             
INFO plinth.operation     Operation: apache: Installing app: running                                                                           
INFO plinth.setup         Setup run: apache                                                                                                    
INFO plinth.setup         Setup completed: apache: Error installing app: php-fpm php-fpm                                                       
ERROR plinth.setup         Error running setup - php-fpm
WARNING plinth.setup         Unable to complete setup: php-fpm
INFO plinth.setup         Will try again in 10 seconds

It seems the freedombox package doesn’t list php-fpm as dependency

Proposed Solution
add php-fpm as package dependency

php-fpm is listed as a dependency here:

Did installing php-fpm fix the issue for you?
Also which version of Debian are you using?

Thanks, yes, installing did fix the issue. So far so good.

I happen to use kali-rolling (which is in essence a slightly modified debian-testing)

Inspecting the package with aptitude does show the php-fpm package as dependency, but curiously enough it wasn’t selected and installed when I installed the freedombox package, not did I any errors about package conflicts nor was there a conflict when I then manually installed the package.
So, I’m not sure what’s to blame for this behavior, but it’s unexpected.

I guess, the biggest issue is, that the web interface during first launch, has no facility to display fatal errors. It would have saved me a whole lot of trouble with de-installing and re-installing etc. if the error would have been displayed in the web-UI, and I thus would have been able to fix it in the first go around. So maybe something to thing about as future improvement, to display show-stoppers in the web UI, particular errors that lead to a retry loop, and thus have a chance to be fixed in the background while freedombox keeps trying to finish the installation.

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