Patience or Intervention: Navigating the FreedomBox Debian Release Upgrade

Patience or Intervention: Navigating the FreedomBox Debian Release Upgrade

Hello fellow FreedomBox users,

With the recent release of the new stable Debian version, many of us have been experiencing a significant upgrade process on our FreedomBox devices. It’s clear from the posts on this forum that the process hasn’t been perceived as smooth by all. Numerous users have been reporting issues and are attempting to find solutions through manual intervention. However, I believe this tinkering might, inadvertently, complicate matters further.

According to the FreedomBox manual, the device is designed to complete this upgrade process independently. Considering this, I am curious: are you opting to intervene and manually manage this process, or are you, like me, choosing to wait it out, accepting the temporary downtime?

In my perspective, a couple of days of downtime every two years, the Debian release cycle, seems like a bearable trade-off. And from personal experience - having broken two FreedomBox installations in the past due to manual interference - I’ve decided to trust the automated process this time around. Since the FreedomBox scripts are written with a specific set of conditions in mind, I believe that if we manually alter these conditions, there’s a fair chance we might disrupt the script functionality.

I’m keeping a close eye on the forum and on everyone’s experiences to stay informed. While I choose to wait and let the FreedomBox do its work, I’m keen to read about everyone’s journey.

I could be wrong, but I suspect that patience is the key here. The downtime, though inconvenient, is a temporary state. Once our FreedomBoxes have completed the upgrade process, I am optimistic that they will, by themselves, resume functioning as effectively as before.

Best regards,

P.S.: I apologise in advance if I didn’t choose the correct category to post.


I’m waiting it out for now; this little device has been quite reliable.