Password / passphrase for bepasty

When using bepasty, it seems random passwords are generated automatically.

Such kind of passwords are very difficult to provide to someone over a voice channel. Instead, I’d like to be able to use passphrases (random list of words) which are easier to communicate over voice, to read and to type, and can be as secure.

Is there a way to use passphrases? I’d prefer that I can set them manually as I like to generate them using my own list of words in my language of preference. Unless I can provide my list of words of course.


You can edit the /etc/bepasty-freedombox.conf file.
Then, just sudo systemctl restart uwsgi to trigger the new configuration.


Thanks for the reply.

I saw that /etc/uwsgi/apps-available/bepasty-freedombox.ini includes
env = BEPASTY_CONFIG=/etc/bepasty-freedombox.conf

However, there is no such file on my freedombox. What are the contents of yours?

Sorry, I was looking at the wrong freedombox. Looks like I should have more sleep :smiley:
This file is there and the contents are pretty obvious.
I will try and also check if any interference with the web interface if I add or delete a password.


I hear you : )

Just in case anyone wants to follow-up, I’m sharing the file contents below:

# This file is managed by FreedomBox. Only a small subset of the original configuration format is supported. Each line should be in KEY = VALUE format. VALUE must be a JSON encoded string.
SECRET_KEY = "my_secret_key"
PERMISSIONS = {"password_1": "admin,list,create,read,delete", "password_2": "list,create,read,delete", "password_3": "list,read", "password_4": "list,create,read"}
PERMISSION_COMMENTS = {"password_1": "admin", "password_2": "editor", "password_3": "viewer", "password_4": "uploads only"}

My manual intervention didn’t have any effect on my FBX. FBX web interface shows my custom passwords just as they are in the .conf file - all works fine.

Good luck!

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