Packaging Mobilizon for Debian/FreedomBox?

It would be great to get the federated event-management service Mobilizon into FreedomBox. I have never packaged anything for Debian, but would be interested in learning, and this may be a good opportunity :slight_smile:

A few questions:

  • For someone who has never packaged anything for Debian before, how difficult is it?
  • How much time and energy goes into maintaining a package once it is in Debian?
  • Given the dependencies available (see below), is it possible to package Mobilizon? If not, how difficult is it to take care of the dependency issues first?


Following instructions here:

It seems that the packages nodejs, yarnpkg, erlang, and elixir are recommended to be installed by adding non-Debian repos. However, all four packages are in Debian, just not all in the same Debian release.

  • Node.js v12.x (Bullseye has nodejs 12.19.0~dfsg-1, but not in Buster Backports)
  • Yarn (Buster Backports has yarnpkg 1.13.0-1+deb10u1, but not in Bullseye)
  • Erlang (Bullseye has 1:23.1.2+dfsg-1, but not in Buster Backports)
  • Elixir (Bullseye has 1.10.3.dfsg-1.1, Buster Backports has 1.9.1.dfsg-1~bpo10+2)