OpenVPN does not work

Can’t connect openvpn. I keep getting a message:
«Resolve: Cannot resolve host Adresse: 1194()
Could not determine IP4/IP6 protocol»

External interface is enabled.

Does anyone know what’s wrong?

Diagnostic run ok? I set up OpenVPN and works. Probed on my phone. Even with my pihole DNS server.

The diagnostic shows that everything is ok. I put openvpn on my smartphone - it works. But on the netbook openvpn won’t connect to freedombox and keeps showing these errors. I don’t understand what’s wrong.

Solution: remove the proto udp6 line from the ovpn file.

Openvpn gives DNS leaks. It is unclear why there is no block-outside-dns line in the ovpn file. How to fix leaks, more at

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Ive had this issue before where public WiFi would block sites I go to over my openvpn. I wonder when it’ll be fixed

Could you please create an issue with full description of the problem at . Thanks.

This is already mentioned in the Troubleshooting section of the manual.

I ran an openvpn server on freedombox and put clients on the two devices. On an android smartphone all ok. On a Windows 7 netbook, opеnvpn still didn’t work. A local network was installed but it was not possible to access the internet.The same ovpn-file from the server was used on both devices. But on Windows it does not work!
Here is the ovpn-file with which OpenVPN runs on a Windows 7 netbook without any problems. On Windows 10 it also runs with this file without problems, my friend checked. If you have problems with OpenVPN on Windows - use this config:

dev ovpn-(
dev-type tun
proto udp
remote ( 1194 udp
resolv-retry infinite
remote-cert-tls server
auth SHA256
cipher AES-256-CBC
redirect-gateway def1
dhcp-option DNS