Onion only access, with blocked or delayed IP access, how?

  • My FreedomBox is plugged into a router at home, and in the DMZ.
  • It has been a while, probably over a year since purchased, but also probably not related to my question.
  • version 22.17

My freedombox version 22.17 is working well, on Olimex hardware. It is accessible at an onion address, and also accessible at my IP address, which is known to hackers and machines that are keeping fail2ban on its toes.

I looked at the fine FAQ but did not find what I seek. Sorry in advance if I missed it.

I wish to have my freedombox and applications available only at its onion address. So, my question is: What is the best way to have the onion address work, but have IP address access attempts either blocked completely, or sent to a long delay then a “go away” page?

Thanks for the software (and hardware), and any suggestions!

Hello @freeboxer

You could turn of the DMZ in your router. Then the only access from internet would be your onion address. Pagekite app in freedombox may be of interest ?

Regards: peter