"Oni": a single instance ActivityPub server

I just came across “Oni”, a lightweight single instance ActivityPub server. It seems like a good fit for FreedomBox:


The developer has posted more about Oni on Mastodon from this account: marius (@mariusor@metalhead.club) - Metalhead.club.

I beleive for an application to be candidate for FBX, it has be be available in the Debian repos first.

We can add it to this page, for potential packaging:
I think the number of dependencies is not too large, so packaging may be relatively straightforward.
Have you tried setting it up, to see how the user experience is like?

Does FBX team do packaging / maintaining for external apps? If so, theres an excellent app called Pigallery2 that Ive installed and am testing right now. Would really enjoy writing about it if theres any chance it may find its way to FBX.

I’m sharing it’s source here.

(Please give me a heads up if it would be better to post this as a seperate topic.)