One to many Captcha's

Is this pretty common once Freedombox is installed? This pops

up before I even enter the website. They must not like Privoxy?

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Are you seeing this captcha if you don’t use privoxy but use a browser from the same network as FreedomBox (same outgoing IP address)?

If yes, this means that your IP address is being recognized by CDNs as having bot potential. This could happen if you have an open proxy running on your network. Is privoxy restricted to local networks only? It could also happen if you have infected computer sending data from your network. Or if you got recently assigned an IP address that was earlier abused. Check online abuse databases with your IP address.

If no, then this mean the CDN provider is somehow able to distinguish that you are using privoxy and started treating you differently. You should report to privoxy project. They might be willing to treat this as a privacy bug.

I get this and the only things I have installed are Matrix, Tiny RSS, Cockpit, Searx, and Ikiwiki.

Turning off Google on the Searx app helped, but I still get this occasionally. Probably from the RSS requests I have going for news.

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Thanks, it is very useful to know that Google in Searx is leading to this. Do you have Searx available publicly for everyone?

Perhaps the remaining Captcha’s are because of earlier traffic and may settle over time.

I am the only user. I’ve only used Searx two or three times to try it out, so unless it makes outbound requests on its own, I think it’s more likely RSS.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help narrow this down.

I was referring to the ‘Allow Public Access’ option which will also anyone one on the Internet to use your Searx to query Google. If it is enabled, then other people might be using your Searx.

I just looked and it is disabled. All of my settings are default other than which search engines to use.

I’ve noticed the amount of captchas I’ve been having to fill has been going down. And it’s also worth noting that I’ve never seen any before seeing up my FreedomBox. (This didn’t bother me at all, I only decided to post this in case OP has a similar setup, or for anyone reading this in the future with the same thing happening.)

HMMMM? I still keep getting Captcha’s, sorta annoying. My ‘allow public access’ is off. When I turn off Privoxy I still get Captcha’s, I think Sunil is right about CDN Cloudflare seeing me as a bot. Here’'s something I’m sorta confused about. My router is set for dynamic IP but yet my IP is not changing? Plus I get this message.

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