On the radar: Mobilizon event management software

I came across a very promising project called Mobilizon, which will soon launch development. It will be a user-friendly event-managing software program which can be self-hosted. The project is in the funding phase, and there are plans to release a beta version in 2019.

Mobilizon is made by Framasoft, the organization which made PeerTube. Those folks clearly have a great track record.

I want to share this project on our forum just so we keep an eye on it. I get questions about event-managing software at conferences, and I agree that it is one of the most important tools which is missing from the FOSS ecosystem. People rely on Facebook because it offers very usable event-management software. If Mobilizon succeeds, I would love to find a way to integrate it into FreedomBox.


https://gettogether.community/ is another project doing the same. It is already in production.

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The main difference between the projects is, that GetTogether does not support federation yet.

For public events there is also the wikipedia-style (open data, centralized database) wikical.com. You can host gencal as a webinterface with predefined filters. (e.g. all free software events in your country)

Another free software event management solution: http://gath.io/