New Support Ticket App for FB?

Just a simple idea…Has anyone looked into adding a basic support ticket app in FB?

The use cases would vary of course, but in my case I was thinking of using a support ticket system for clients, family, friends, etc., so I can have a URL to refer them to, instead of taking a phone call and dropping everything I am doing for some silly problem they might be having. Which can be quite annoying when I am working on important projects.

I’m sure many of us have experienced this. I was thinking how much more efficient it would be if I could point a someone to a URL and have them fill in a support ticket with descriptions of the problem, screen shots, etc. first, so then I could get back to them on my time, ask for more information, clarification, etc. in order to help them.

After all, if we tech savvy types are providing support (presumably for free), we should be doing it on our own time.

And thinking about the fact that many of us help family for free…I was thinking even charging a small amount to open a ticket. I don’t know about you all, but my time is worth something to me. I love my family, but come on, I don’t jump every time they seem to have an urgent problem. And often times I forget about their problems, so it would be nice to keep track and help them when I have a free moment.

Perhaps even suggest a donation on the ticket page for faster response times! XD

Thoughts about this?

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Radicale may offer a bare-bones solution, but it sounds like you’d like something more robust. Radicale supports task lists, so you could start there today. The easiest way would be to make a new freedombox account to own the task list, and all users who can create a task would share the username and password.

This idea is rubbish in many ways such as no privacy, but if it gets you through the night then so much the better.

I do like the idea of integrating a light ticket system in FreedomBox as you describe for communities of more than a few users. I made a quick check of Debian and didn’t find a package for this - one would have to be in Debian before it would make it into Freedombox on account of FreedomBox being a Debian pure-blend.

didn’t find a package for this

I know trac is on Debian, and I expect there a are a lot of alternatives, but I still don’t have a clear view of the use case. For family and friends I’d just use email and a plain text file.

Looks like Trac is for software development issues and project management. Perhaps it could work, but I guess I will just make a simple web form with email and call it good enough so I don’t end up having to troubleshoot why mom can’t put in a simple ticket.

The use case is this: If you want help from me or have a technical question (which you should have googled already), then the response/help you get will have to be on my terms. Since my time is valuable, I have certain requirements that some basic troubleshooting has been done, etc. Teach a man to fish sort of thing.

I think your best bet for the short-term would be to use the included WordPress app. I’m sure there are at least 20 plugins to choose from which will add that function to your web site / ticket system.

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