New stable images available on the website

A new set of stable images were published on the website on 09 May, 2020.

These images are based on Debian 10.4 and include the latest version of FreedomBox (v20.8) installed from buster-backports.

It is recommended to use these images as they have a lot of bug fixes and enhancements as compared to the stable images released with Debian 10.0 on 10 July, 2019 which shipped with FreedomBox v19.1.

To download the new stable images for supported hardware from the website, please visit:

However, if you prefer using the stable images without backports, they are available in the archive:

In case your hardware is not on the list, please remember that FreedomBox can be installed as a package on any Debian installation.

If you are already running the stable version of FreedomBox, no action is required. Your FreedomBox should already be at the latest version if the Update app is kept enabled. This is relevant for new installations only.


I need to start fresh so going to try this just now :slight_smile:

Is there a changelog somewhere?

There are changelogs available for individual releases

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