New Install - AMD64 Debian build - cockpit fail

Problem Description
Trying to login to cockpit, but I get the error shown in screenshot, and the suggested journactl -u cockpit shows the Service has started.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. go to Plinth on F.Box on cockpit.
  2. login with user name and password i set up turning first boot. I’ve also tried the user account and root - user fails as not a admin, root gives same results as FBox user.

I get an error with the following message:
Screenshot_2020-09-18 Cockpit


  • FreedomBox version: running Debian GNU/Linux bullseye/sid and FreedomBox version 20.14. FreedomBox is up to date.

  • Hardware: Lenovo S30

  • *How did you install FreedomBox?: ‘apt install freedombox’ on top of Debian Testing netinstall.

Was the new FB install on a new Debian build? Or did the Debian build have any sort of nonstandard configuration? Thanks!

Did you access through https://freedombox.local? Cockpit requires a full blown domain name to be accessed :mag:.