New FreedomBox installation Firewalld issue

Problem Description
One of my SD cards in my Raspberry Pi 4 died for my FreedomBox. Something about an I/O error dev mmcblk0. I noticed that the location of that is on the microSD card so I diagnose it as dead. I started the process of installing a new FreedomBox. Nothing would show on my other computer UNTIL I ran “sudo systemctl stop firewalld”. This solution was pulled from this thread, Plinth, SSH, Transmission, Samba, and Syncthing reachability problem after apt upgrade - Support - FreedomBox Forum

So firewalld is broken and it will break any new install of FreedomBox.

Steps to Reproduce
So, I found another microSD card and formatted it with the official image the Raspberry Pi website has. I then installed FreedomBox with “sudo apt install freedombox”. A few prompts came up that I don’t understand but the enter key goes a long way.

Expected Results
FreedomBox first time install page would show up in my browser on my other machine.

Actual results
A page took too long to load error. After fixing, just fine. Then, after a sudo reboot, gone again. I need to stop firewalld every time I loose power or restart my FB.