Need Help with The Fedombox

Hi, can I use the Freedombox on a Windows PC? Or can it only be used with Linux?

You run it on a Linux machine, but you can access it via web browser on any machine. Windows, Mac, mobile…
You even might run it on Windows in a virtual machine.

Hi Hans, sorry but im new in this. I only have a Windows 10 PC and I want to surf the internet ononimous via TOR and the Freedombox; is that possible?

Want anonymous Internet surfing? Download Tor Browser for Windows and select highest security. Freedombox is primarily to keep your data to yourself (i.e. privacy). Do not confuse these two things.

You need a supported single-board computer to run FreedomBox on. A rented virtual server may also work (but that kind of defeats the point of FreedomBox).

I also recommend you conduct more research on the subject of online privacy and anonymity. If you don’t know what you are doing, you will put yourself in great danger.

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Can u help me to surf anonymous. Is only TOR saf? Or do i need more?

The meaning of safety depends on each one’s case.

For anonymous web surfing some regular users might just use an anonymous session of a regular browser, others might want to use Tor browser, others might go beyond and use a specific OS like Tails, other a disposable virtual machine, …etc.

Freedombox is built on Debian/GNU Linux. You might be able, to run it in a VM on your Windows10 PC. For your purpouse you might look into Whonix (FREE Whonix ™ Download for Windows, macOS, Linux and Others). If you have a Raspberry Pi or OLIMEX Lime2 Board or a simular SBC (Single Board Computer)…, you might run Freedombox on dedicated Hardware.