My 2 little Helpers

I have 2 Freedomboxes running. A Pioneer and a Raspberry Pi4. Unfortunately, I do not have a public IP address and am connected to the Internet via a 5G mobile router behind a NAT. I run my blog with Ikiwiki on the RaspberryPi via Pagekite, which is directed to a rented domain with cname. With Pagekite I can also connect to my FB via OpenVPN when I’m on the go. On all my devices, a Mac, a Debian laptop, the Linux PC at work and my iPhone I have the Radicale Calendar/Tasks and several folders synchronized with Syncthing. I also use the Tor Hidden Services and would also like to run a relay to support Tor, since this does not work with my setup I use Snowflake in the browser instead. To organize and share my photos with the family I use Zoph. The photo organizer also supports me in my genealogy research. A second Zoph organizes my stamp collection on the Pioneer FreedomBox. This Box is reachable with another Pagekite. It has a extern harddisk and is the Samba Server for my Home Network and the place for the Backups. I run Shaarli for a permanent link collection in my Browsers.

All in all, I love Freedombox and thank all the developers for their work!

FreedomBox Pioneer and RaspberryPi 4

  • I like Ikiwiki, Zoph, Radicale, Shaarli, Syncthing, Openvpn, Privoxy

  • Setup experience is good

  • I like the clarity and clear structure of Plinth

  • I would like to see a filebrowser but I use Midnight Commander and this works for me

  • With Zoph I would like a smoother restore.

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