Munin use case (long term monitoring)

Why I wish long term RRDtool graphs ?

Munin is a app I’d like to see in future because :slight_smile:

  • I learned myself in the past with MRTG, Cacti, serverstats and now with Munin. All based on RRDtool solution.

  • I agree with :

    It makes it easy to determine “what’s different today” when a performance problem crops up. It makes it easy to see how you’re doing capacity-wise on any resources.

  • I have not any experience with collectd but it may be a good other answer.

Some exemples

Watching time that is going on ; Monitor the passage of time :sunglasses:

First try with FreedomBox (2016)


More details here in french.

Abnormal event(s) on a shared Debian server with weak IT team :wink:

  • something happen
  • things going well again

I try Vagrant to learn to hack (and mumble-UI for distance teachings)

with my own low weight notebook


I would like to work on adding this app on FreedomBox myself as a beginner. Also let me know if things could oppose to that wish.

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@fred1m, Glad to know that you are planning to work on this app. I see no objections to adding this app as long as there is at least one developer willing to maintain it.

Before you start, one consideration though: inspired your post, I began looking what other ways are available to provide this performance data. I found out about Cockpit’s integration of Performance Co-Pilot project.


This approach has following properties:

  • Seems to provide the basic necessary monitoring by default (CPU, memory, disk and network).
  • Integrated into FreedomBox’s choice of web administrator tool, that is, Cockpit.
  • Live updates of data.
  • Has historic value storage.
  • Very easy to setup. I just did apt install cockpit-pcp and everything just worked.
  • No special authentication and web setup needed (it is part of Cockpit).
  • Has zoom in and zoom out with selection on the graph for time period. Maximum range I saw was only a week and not entire year you have shown me. This is still very useful I think.
  • Not as powerful as munin or other dedicated tools. This should be okay, however.

If this looks good, we can introduce a ‘Performance’ app in ‘System’ and install this package as part of that. Then redirect users to Cockpit web interface. This would be very straightforward to do. Let me know what you think. If you like it, you can pick up this task.



‘Performance’ app in ‘System’

with cockpit-pcp looks very good to me before trying to add a ‘Munin’ app (or other dedicated tools) later.

I think I would be very glad to try to pick up this task. :blush:

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Let me know if you need any support with development.

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I add issue #1845, I hope that’s good.