Moving Freedombox from Rasspberry Pi 3B+ to Rasspberry Pi 4

Hello everyone.
After a long time of finding out about Freedombox I finally found the time to give it a try.
I made the initial setup on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ but since I also have a rpi4 I was wondering…
Can I just swap the SD-card from one device to the other, together with the external drives? Would it work to the maximum?
What’s your opinion?


Should work. You might as well copy the SD-Card to a usb3 stick and make the Pi4 bootable from usb, if it is not allready.

Thanks for the answer @hanstux and also for the idea of copying the SD-Card to a usb3 hadn’t thought of that.

Just let us know, if it worked!

Ok as soon as I finish setting up the freedombox on my rpi3 I will then test it on the rpi4 and I will let you know.