Mesh network of selhosted anonymous matrix serveur?

After posting on the matrix room, I have been said that it was better to write my questions here.


Would it be possible to imagine, based on freedombox, to create a network of selfhosted anonymous (to based, onion service) matrix serveur (encrypted of course) connected to each other at the same time by internet (when available) and mesh network (in a town where internet has been blocked, Iran for example) providing secured wifi hotspot too?
Would that network of selhosted serveur could also help sharing files anonymously, not knowing who posted it and who is hosting it?
Maybe this network of selhosted serveur could host tor relay too but it might be too much work for the hardware of affordable freedombox.
I have read these pages and it makes me think that technology is almost existing today bu I wanted to know what you think.

if you know a place where such ideas are studied, let me know.

Thank you for your time and work,
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PS : if some people want to talk seriously about it, it would be better to talk in a private part of forum if such things exists.

The idea of a tor-only FreedomBox has been around for a long time but not fully implemented. Currently most of the web applications on FreedomBox can be accessed using Tor Browser.

Matrix Synapse since 1.0 requires valid TLS certificates for federation with other servers. This should be circumvented in some way to get federation over Tor working.

If we consider only the use case of mesh-network/tor-based messaging, Briar seems like a good alternative P2P messaging app.

However, I do think that supporting mesh/onion routing for applications like Matrix Synapse and Pleroma is within the scope of the FreedomBox project.