Mediawiki - wgLanguageCode

The interface of mediawiki is by default english. It can be adjusted by changing $wgLanguageCode in file LocalSettings.php or probably the 2 other Freedombox*.php files in /etc/mediawiki:

a) which file do I best use for changing in my case to β€œde” to avoid config questions at upgrades?
b) I suggest to include the change of this field in the user interface Plinth

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You should edit /etc/mediawiki/FreedomBoxSettings.php. Looks like you need to run echo 'MessageCache::singleton()->clear()' | php maintenance/eval.php after setting the value according to documentation. I have created an issue for FreedomBox to allow setting this value.

instead of clearing as you explained above, I simple de-activated mediawiki in Plinth and re-activated it again. This also works.