MediaWiki on Plinth

The FreedomBox Service Page (plinth) contains Ikiwiki-blogs and Wikimedia. But the Wikimedia from the page is gone. It doesn’t come back by rebooting. If you log in to your account, there’s Wikimedia inside it. How do I get it back to the FreedomBox Service Page (plinth)?
Screenshot 1. FreedomBox Service without MediaWiki.
Screenshot 2. MediaWiki among other programs on the server.

The current implementation is as follows:

  1. If private mode is enabled, the icon for MediaWiki will show up on the front page only for logged in users (because only they can use the wiki).
  2. If private mode is disabled, the icon for MediaWiki will show up for anonymous (not-logged in) users also (because those users can read the wiki).

I believe this is what the users would expect.

Where does this mode switch on and off? In MediaWiki itself?

You can find the setting “Enable private mode” in MediaWiki app configuration page in the FreedomBox web interface. The checkbox should be left unchecked for your wiki to be publicly readable.

Thank you, Joseph! The option you’re talking about has been turned off. But that’s not enough :slight_smile: MediaWiki appeared on the main page when I now enabled the “enable public registration” option. I want to ask you: on the application page there is a message (in the red bar) “MediaWiki service is not running” (screenshot 1), and diagnostics shows that one of the services (the last line, screenshot 2) failed. What do these error messages mean? Anyway, everything is working now, and everything is fine! :slight_smile:

MediaWiki has some periodic tasks that it does in the background. A background daemon service called mediawiki-jobrunner does this. If it is not running, it will not effect immediate working of the wiki but it is a concern in the long run. If you still see these failures, try enable/disable toggle. If the problem persists, try to login to the system and run the following command sudo systemctl status mediawiki-jobrunner

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It is not advisable to keep public registrations open. There are spambots on the web which try to find open MediaWiki instances and post advertisements on them.