Mediawiki not updating Category list of pages

Problem Description
Adding a category tag to a page does not update that page in the Category’s list of pages. They are only updated if I manually run maintenance/rebuildall.php

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Configure MediaWiki to use the “Vector” skin so you can see a page’s categories in the footer.
  2. Create a new category page “Category:Bug”
  3. Create a new normal page called “Bug” with contents “[[Category:Bug]]”
  4. Notice that the footer indicates it’s in the Bug Category
  5. Go to the Category:Bug page.

Expected Results
I expected to see the “Bug” page in the list of pages

Actual results
The Category:Bug page indicates there are no associated pages.

Further work
I’ve explored the MediaWiki pages and fora for similar issues.

One suggestion was that the background jobs were not running. however when I explicitly run maintenance/runJobs.php, “Category:Bug” is still not updated, and when I use the API call

It indicates that there are no jobs to be run:

    "batchcomplete": "",
    "query": {
        "statistics": {
            "pages": 6,
            "articles": 1,
            "edits": 20,
            "images": 0,
            "users": 0,
            "activeusers": 0,
            "admins": 1,
            "jobs": 0

It’s only when I manually run maintenance/rebuildall.php that the Category:Bug page lists the Bug page.

# php maintenance/runJobs.php ---result json                                       root@firefly:/var/lib/mediawiki# php maintenance/rebuildall.php
** Rebuilding fulltext search index (if you abort this will break searching; run this script again to fix):
Clearing searchindex table...Done
Rebuilding index fields for 6 pages...

** Rebuilding recentchanges table:
Rebuilding $wgRCMaxAge=7776000 seconds (90 days)
Clearing recentchanges table for time range...
Loading from page and revision tables...
Inserting from page and revision tables...
Updating links and size differences...
Loading from user, page, and logging tables...
Flagging bot account edits...
Flagging auto-patrolled edits...
Removing duplicate revision and logging entries...
Deleting feed timestamps.

** Rebuilding links tables -- this can take a long time. It should be safe to abort via ctrl+C if you get bored.
Refreshing redirects table.
Starting from page_id 1 of 6.
Refreshing links tables.
Starting from page_id 1 of 6.
Deleting illegal entries from the links tables...
  Checking interval (-INF, INF)
    pagelinks: 0 deleted.
    imagelinks: 0 deleted.
    categorylinks: 0 deleted.
    templatelinks: 0 deleted.
    externallinks: 0 deleted.
    iwlinks: 0 deleted.
    langlinks: 0 deleted.
    redirect: 0 deleted.
    page_props: 0 deleted.

I can only post one screen shot, so here is the Category:Bug page after creating the Bug page; notice that there are no pages in the category.

After manually running maintenance/rebuildall.php, the “Bug” page shows up in the list of pages.


  • FreedomBox version: 21.1
  • Hardware: x86-64 laptop
  • How did you install FreedomBox?: ‘apt install freedombox’