Matrix Synapse: Who is the server admin?

  • Pioneer box connected to router
  • Bought a week ago; set up earlier this week
  • I’m running Debian GNU/Linux buster/sid and FreedomBox version 19.2. FreedomBox is up to date.

I tried creating a community within my server but was met with the error below. In this case, is the admin the hidden “fbx” user? Is it the admin account through which the Matrix Synapse server was installed (think I deleted that user)? Is it supposed to be anyone in the “admin” group? Or is it no one, and this is just a quirk of having it set up on a FreedomBox?



I tried to create a community on my server and failed in the same way. This looks like an issue that should be created in my eyes.

I think a user should have the permissions to create a community out of the box.


I agree with that sentiment. I suppose it’d be good to wait for any others to weigh in before adding it, though?