Matrix synapse doesn't work after last update

  • FreedomBox is plugged into a router at home
  • Bought in march 2021
  • Running Debian GNU/Linux 11 (bullseye) and FreedomBox version 22.11

Diagnostic Results

App: Matrix Synapse

Test Result
Package matrix-synapse is the latest version (1.57.1-1~bpo11+1) passed
Package matrix-synapse-ldap3 is the latest version (0.1.4+git20201015+a3c7a9f-1) passed
Port matrix-synapse-plinth (8448/tcp) available for internal networks passed
Port matrix-synapse-plinth (8448/tcp) available for external networks passed
Access URL on tcp4 failed
Access URL https://[::1]/_matrix/client/versions on tcp6 failed
Access URL on tcp4 failed
Access URL https://[2a01:288:11f:f300:a:4ff:fe83:360]/_matrix/client/versions on tcp6 failed
Access URL https://[fe80::a:4ff:fe83:360%eth0]/_matrix/client/versions on tcp6 failed
Access URL on tcp4 failed
Access URL https://[fe80::15a8:a991:b5:c672%wg0]/_matrix/client/versions on tcp6 failed
Access URL https://localhost/_matrix/client/versions on tcp4 failed
Access URL https://localhost/_matrix/client/versions on tcp6 failed
Access URL https://freedombox/_matrix/client/versions on tcp4 failed
Service matrix-synapse is running failed
Listening on tcp4 port 8008 failed
Listening on tcp4 port 8448 failed
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I did a fresh install and it looks like Coturn was removed, maybe that’s causing your errors?

I can get chat messages working with Element, but voice calls do not connect, again probably due to missing Coturn.

Does anyone know if Coturn will bevadded in again, or can it be manually installed?

No, Coturn is not the problem in my case. I have it installed and it’s working. Also, matrix can run without coturn.

Matrix was the only application I use, and now because of another shitty update is the only application that doesn’t work. I have no idea what is wrong this time, but I can’t turn it on in any way. The problem with sure is not from me because I have not changed anything since it worked. My patience with Freedombox has long been exhausted to continue to deal with it, let alone reinstall it again. I don’t hope for adequate support anymore. Thinking about how long I lost to solve problems … This is not freedom at all. I will wait a little longer, then I take my freedom and the box goes to the bin.

I agree with your sentiments. I’ve spent many, many hours tinkering with freedombox for it to be all for nothing when an update blows the system to pieces.

Are there no tests before they are released?

I appreciate freedombox is free, but there seems to be very little engagement from freedombox towards the users who are using and testing their product.

Sorry to hear your frustration with Matrix. Can you provide us with the logs of your server? You can do that by opening Cockpit and in Logs menu searching for “matrix”.

Alternatively, you can also share with us the most recent content of /var/log/matrix-synapse/homeserver.log, removing any data that might be sensitive.

It would also be very useful to run sudo systemctl status matrix-synapse in the terminal of your FreedomBox and show us the output.

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The FreedomBox team only maintains and releases the freedombox package. We don’t control the many other packages from Debian that make up the system.

The only recent change related to Matrix Synapse is that in FreedomBox 22.11, we changed the apt configuration so that new dependencies for matrix-synapse will be installed from bullseye-backports. This is required for the latest matrix-synapse package to be installable on bullseye.

Normally, packages in Debian stable are very “stable”, meaning that there are very few updates except for security fixes. However, the matrix-synapse package is only in stable backports, not in stable. This is because it needs to be updated often to keep up with the rest of the Matrix network, and they cannot provide long-term support to older versions just yet.

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It is no longer necessary. I reinstalled it once again (I lost the count already). This practice reminds me of Windows XP you need to force restart it and reinstall it regularly. I hope this time it lasts longer than the previous one. I wonder if I should ban the updates.

Matrix stopped working again after the update to 22.14
This fix resolved the problem:

Sunil Mohan Adapa

Sunil Mohan Adapa @sunilmohan · 3 days ago

<sunilmohan> emorrp1: So, this is an upstream issue?
<emorrp1> yes and no, yes upstream has merged a code change in develop that will incidentally fix it, but no it's a packaging upload that caused the problem to start occurring yesterday
<emorrp1> Copying details from other channel:
<emorrp1> Error: Synapse 1.57.1 needs matrix-common~=1.1.0, but got matrix-common==1.2.1
<emorrp1> Fix: `sudo sed -i '/common/s/~=/>=/' /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/matrix_synapse-1.57.1.dist-info/METADATA`