Matrix Server does not start with public registrations enabled

Thanks for the hard work guys. Finally my unit upgraded from 22.15 to 22.19. The Cockpit is now accessible, so yay for that.

Unfortunately, the Matrix server still will not start when Public Registration is enabled. So I guess this fix is still held up somewhere upstream with Debian. :frowning: I wonder how much longer we will be waiting on that to be resolved.

Still an issue on my end. It would be really nice to hear SOMETHING just an update or SOMETHING about this issue. Which was the whole reason I bought the units to begin with…

@Frankie do you have a lets encrypt ssl on your box?

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Yes, I have a Let’s Encrypt Cert working on my Freedom Box.

Maybe someone else here can provide more details, but since the issue is upstream with Debian, it is out of the hands of the FB developers.

This situation was previously mentioned here, so the reality of the situation is that nothing else can be done until this gets sorted out upstream. I’m in the same boat here.

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I used the following link to help correct this issue with the Matrix Server…

  Basically, you edit the Matrix config file and change...
  'enable_registration: False' to...
  'enable_registration: True' 

then restart the FreedomBox and Matrix Server should be up and running.

excerpt from link above…

    ## Registration ##
    # Enable registration for new users.
    enable_registration: False


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