Logging on to a share NEVER logs out. Bug or Feature?

I am using my freedombox (Pioneer FB ver. 22.15) to share a directory on my web site with my dance students.

Using the Sharing App I created a shared directory pointing to /var/www/html/Dance/music in the website created for the class. Using the System “Users and Groups” new users were added and given “Access to the private shares (freedombox-share)”. When a student accesses the share from the web, they must provide their user name and password to access the share, and this all works. Since the system uses SSO (Single Sign On) protocol the next time a student goes to the “protected” folder, they are NOT asked for their user name and password.

The problem is once the student logs on one time, they NEVER have to log in again to access the shared folder provided they use the same browser. If the student is no longer in the class, they should not be able to access the content.

From the terminal the ‘# w’ command does not show if students are logged on or not. Attempts to use the `# pkill -KILL -u ’ for students who are logged on fails saying no such user exists.

Is there a way to take back access. I have tried deleting users and that has no effect on their ability to continue to access the shared directory.

Is this a bug or a feature?

David Oliver

Hi David, removing access from the share should be as simple as removing the user from the freedombox-share group (or whatever group you have specified for the access requirement).

sudo gpasswd -d [username] freedombox-share

I’m not sure how many students you have coming and going, but if it is a lot (or removing them from the group manually is a nuisance for some other reason) perhaps you could look into setting up a script where you can paste in the names of students leaving the class and it will take them out of the group for you.