LMS Server on Freedombox?

I wonder if anyone out there has attempted to run the LMS Server on a Freedombox?

The reason I ask is that we have a Logitech internet radio system which is cutting out their server service and to be able to stream from that radio in future will require using the LMS home media server software.

There is a Debian package provided but before I give it a whirl I wonder if anyone has actually tried this?

Not I - But other than opening required ports on FB for it to work and providing enough resources for it to run properly, should be fine?

I’d probably look to host something like that on separate hardware if I was looking to have it available on the internal network only. That way, if you need to perform drastic measures, you do not have extra complications.

I have an AzuraCast radio on my network, loaded up with its own music. I should have that music on a file server storage served to it to make the backup/restore process for the radio server smaller/smoother. But I can assure you splitting out non-integrated services is a better solution down the road. Less headache.