LDAP support and configuration

Having freedombox as a mini-server, providing blog / filesharing support is great, but it is not that clear how to configure users so that they are consistent across the different devices that may connect on the local network to the freedombox.

I would strongly prefer that users do not need a different username and password, and that they log in only once on one device to be able to use the services that were configured for them on the freedombox.

My understanding is that this needs some sort of directory and ‘single sign-on’ support. I’ve seen some mention that freedombox uses ldap already, but maybe not for users? Certainly it is not clear where or how to add users that can then be used on other devices too.

Ideally I would like to see more information in the user configuration section on how to set-up the freedombox to be the LDAP server used for authentication of users in the local network, both on the freedombox and typical clients (win10, (ubuntu)linux, android).

I would love to see this, and maybe others too