Janus Configuration w/ Ejabberd STUN/TURN Server


On my FBX configuration, I prefer to use Ejabberd STUN/TURN server rathern tha Coturn. I have my reasons here. Also tested on Trickle ICE and both STUN and TURN work.

Recently, I decided to add Janus to my FBX app collection. As per the manuals, Janus requires Coturn to work. I however, already have a working STUN/TURN server and would prefer to use that (otherwise my XMPP breaks).

Unfortunately, I have not found any documents (that I can understand) to do a proper configuration in regard to FBX. I’ve modified the /etc/janus/janus.jcfg file with the necessary STUN / TURN settings, but it just doesnt seem to get me anywhere. The app seems to work fine until I “START” the video room.

Once I enter a display name and click the “Join the room” button, I get a
WebRTC error... RTCPeerConnection constructor passed invalid RTCConfiguration - urls is empty

If there’s anyone who would help solve my problem, it would be deeply appreciated.



Just wanted to bump this issue for a chance of help. Would anyone have knowledge on configuring Janus on FBX to use ejabberd as a STUN/TURN server?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Ged296123, what browser do you use to open Janus?

Hello @jonny. I use firefox.

Hmm, I did have a similar error message using Chromium browser but now I saw the “urls is empty” part at the end. Unfortunately I can’t help you with the Ejabberd TURN server config. I didn’t even know that Ejabberd had a TURN server until now :sweat_smile:

Oh yes, it has its own STUN/TURN server and does a fantastic job. I actually prefer it to Coturn. Feel free to look here if youre interested in configuring it.

So all in all, I already have a working STUN server. I just need a way to get Janus utilize it in FBX…


When I last tried Janus, I was stuck with coturn: STUN URI should not have a transport (#2362) · Issues · FreedomBox / FreedomBox · GitLab, so I gave up until now.

About voice calls on xmpp: I use Gajim and Conversation but my main contacts using xmpp use Monal on iPhone and apparently, it isn’t possible to make voice calls between those clients (it does not work with accounts on conversations.im) so I can’t say too much about coturn with ejabberd.

My memory is a bit weak now, but I remember that I have configured something not on my freedombox to use coturn from my freedombox, without that configuration it wasn’t working and with that configuration it was. Perhaps it is the SIP gateway that I have setup at my mother’s place behind a cellular connection that only gives a non-public IP address (v4 and v6). So I know I am using coturn from the freedombox for something else successfully.

Just created an issue for this as a request in the git repo here.