It's possible change de miniDLNA icon?

Hello everyone, I’ve deploy in my raspberry pi a DLNA server with miniDLNA and my question et’s about how I can change the icon that I can see in my smartTV i.e

Thanks a lot

I don’t see any option in MiniDLNA configuration to get the icon. The minidlna package does not seem to ship with an icon file either. My guess is that the DLNA browser (like your TV) likely has a set icons from which it selects for each of the devices it encounters.

It appears that minidlnad advertises itself as “Windows Media Connect compatible (MiniDLNA)” in the model_name. This is likely for achieving maximum compatibility with various devices and possibly what results in an icon you don’t like. Try changing this in /etc/minidlna.conf if you wish.

I did that name change, but was weird see as icon an debian logo image, thanks a lot