It's been a year now

It’s been a year since I’ve installed FreedomBox on my raspberry pi 2. Since then my network has grown to two laptop motherboards acting as servers and for raspberry pis. I have everything from multiple synctging nodes for redundancy to the proxy service running. I have also managed to configure one pi to run both freedom box and owncloud on the same device. I just recently set up a DNS caching server and I cannot be more grateful for FreedomBox to give me this learning experience. The work y’all do is truly magical to bring GUI for less technical audiences. I thank everyone who contributes to this project!


How did you get owncloud running? I tried to install nextcloud. It installed well, but can not access it.

I followed this guide closely then I changed the http port for next cloud so I could have both FreedomBox and next cloud running.

Are you proxying the traffic to all of your devices through the FreedomBox?
I wrote about the use case here: Draft: RFC: Setting up a multi-node FreedomBox cluster

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Not all of them but just my devices. I remember reading your linked thread. I didn’t link them together as such. But they do have completely different sets of FreedomBox software on them. Important things are on stable versions of FreedomBox and the rest are on testing