ISP cannot see FreedomBox on the LAN

My Olimex LIME2 FreedomBox is running well, I can see it on the LAN, with its internal IP and all. Samba is working great, I have my work PC (Windows 10 Pro) and my own machine (Ubuntu 20.4 LTS) discovering SAMBA folders and all.

When I use LAN scanners, the FreedomBox’s IP clearly shows up with the same IP address the same no matter which scanner I use.

My my ISP Spectrum doesn’t see FreedomBox so they can get port 80 to resolve to my FBX so I can access it remotely which is a major bummer.

What could be going on here?

On top of that, I just upgraded my router to a newer version and Spectrum won’t even give me admin access to the router. Just an app for my iPhone which doesn’t do much at all. Support is telling me I need to downgrade to an older Netgear router if I want a router with admin access and to setup ports for FTP & other services.

Thoughts anyone? Why can my ISP see every other device’s IP on my LAN but not FBX’s?

What can you do in the app?

To access the device remotely you have to either set up port forwarding on the router, or put FBX in the DMZ so all traffic is forwarded (this setup can simplify other things too).

If your current router does not give you access to port forwarding and basic DHCP settings, I would seriously consider taking that “downgrade” because that is going to really interfere with your ability to self-host stuff.

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Another consideration would be checking out the PageKite app (it’s one of the System ones). It looks like it might help you get your machine exposed to the internet despite your limited configuration access. I don’t know what is involved with setting up an account, but it might be worth checking out if you want to keep that new router.

Thanks! No, this new router was designed for dummies and Spectrum does not give any admin access whatsoever, so no port forwarding, etc.

I’ll look into PageKite but I doubt that’s the solution. It’s just bizarre that they can see every single other device but not thr Olimex LIME2 running FBX

Have you considered using Freedombox as your router? I use a no-features cable modem to connect eno1 to my ISP. The home LAN connects on eno2. FB does my DHCP, DNS, and routing perfectly.

I get to my services from the internet side with no dramas.

That’s the next thing I need to try.