Is Theming Plinth Possible

Would anyone know if theming Plinth (i.e for dark mode) is possible?

I have no idea how this could be done but, if I can get any pointers Im willing to try to learn and maybe put some effort for this.



Dark mode would be a very welcome addition to FreedomBox. The web interface is uses Twitter’s Bootstrap CSS library. Bootstrap seems to support dark mode starting version 5.3. Overall effort needed would not be too huge as we just need use the bootstrap’s feature and correct for the custom colors we use along with icons, I suppose. To make this happen we need to start using bootstrap library 5.x versions which is already available in Debian. Debian -- Details of package libjs-bootstrap5 in bookworm . We also need 5.3 version instead of 5.2 but I guess this will come to Debian eventually if the package maintainer helps out.

If you decide to work on this, let us know if you need any help.

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Allow me some time to try and work to understand Twitter’s Bootstrap. If I feel capable, I will let you know. Thanks!

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