IP camera / Security system

I don’t even know how or where to ask this question : I want to add a security camera to my freedombox.

(See? I told you I don’t know how to ask…).

Ok, background:

  1. I have an IP security camera that currently wirelessly connects to my non-freedombox home network. I can’t do much with it in it’s current configuration besides see what it sees using some stupid Android app on a smart phone. But the manufacturer says it can be added to a security system and supports downloading short 3 second videos to a server via FTP or SFTP or whatever. My “freedombox” is an Acer Netbook with a wireless card. I’m using the ethernet port to connect the Acer to my home network. I assume I could activate the wireless card and set up the netbook as a wireless server, connect the camera to this network, and have it send files there. Can someone point me in the right direction (or maybe just say, “this is outside the scope of freedombox”)?

  2. I also looked into adding a security system called “zoneminder” to my server - I know it’s not part of the Freedombox ecosystem, and it requires some configuration of Apache - do you think it’s ok to allow a non-Freedombox approved app to share my server (“Apache”) with Freedombox?

  3. Are there plans to add any kind of security system apps to Freedombox down the road? I’m seeing folks talk about a complete homemade security system with alerts for open windows/doors/cameras/motion detectors - all running on a raspberry pi. Just wondering…

Thanks in advance for any input/feedback.