Internal (freedombox) port

I live in a rural community in Ontario, Canada - where one ISP reigns supreme and won’t allow access to its NAT router. I’ve worked my way (I think successfully) through creating a PageKite account and installing PageKite on FreedomBox - but now have come to this page for adding Custom Services:


For Protocol = http, I assume the External (frontend) Port = 80, but I’m unsure what value to assign the Internal (freedombox) port. Same question for https and ssh.


Paul Allen

Hello Paul,

Have you opened an account at ? if so you need three bit of info from your account for your freedombox pagekite config page.


Server domain:
Kite name - mine is:
Kite secret: which is a long number ?

To access your freedombox from the internet just put your web address in your web browser or your tor browser.

I would delete the Custom Services: for port 80. Port 80 is there by default with your account. You can get the first month for free and then you can get pagekite for $6.00 for two months and that will give you a extra domain. I have not used this option yet, so learning my self.

All so check your Let’s Encrypt config page in your freedombox to see if Let’s Encrypt as made a Certificate for your domain.


Regards: peter

The freedombox serves the protocols on the standard ports. That’s also what one would likely want as the external port on a proxy or router. So usually external == internal, HTTP: 80, HTTPS: 443, SSH: 22, etc.

Thanks, Nick - I find ports challenging at times - PageKite may add more complications.