Installing multiple Wordpress sites on multiple top level domains

I’m new to FreedomBox and would like to use it for hosting a number of Wordpress sites on different top level domains (f.i. wordpress site A linking to, wordpress site B linking to I noticed that wordpress sites are supported.

The topic ‘Setting up WordPress on FreedomBox’ says: To setup WordPress, navigate to the WordPress (Website and Blog) page and install it. WordPress needs a valid domain name to be configured. Before proceeding further, setup a proper domain name. Domains are configured using [System → Configure] page.

This would suggest that multiple domains can be set up. So my question is whether this is possible, so having separate wordpress sites hosted using different top level domains.


WordPress has built-in support for multiple sites on a single installation. However, WordPress app is rather new to FreedomBox and currently does not support multiple sites (using multiple domains or using URL fragments). I didn’t have sufficient time to investigate and implement the multi-site feature. We will hopefully have it in the future.

If you are proficient with command line and configuration files, you can manually set up this feature for now. Having different top-level domains (not just subdomains) is certainly possible in WordPress. Database backup/restore, TLS server configuration, security updates will still be done by FreedomBox in such as setup.

Thanks, I will first get to grips with using FreedomBox for setting up a single site using the WordPress app. When I’m more comfortable I will look into manually setting up the feature.

I’m trying to manually setup the multi-site functionality. I can connect to the box using sftp and need to edit the wp-config.php file as suggested. However, I cannot find this file. I’m accessing it using sftp://admin@freedombox.local/ and can see the root file structure.

In Debian, configuration, data and software files are better organized. You should be editing the file /etc/wordpress/config-default.php for your purpose (take care not remove anything FreedomBox created for you, this is quite minimal).

It is best to login to the machine via SSH or Cockpit and perform the editing using that. “admin” account will not be able to edit the files unless using “sudo” command to gain superuser privileges.