Installing Movim on FreedomBox: www-data user password

I am trying to deploy Movim on my FreedomBox. I am following the instructions here:


When I get to the part where I want to clone the git as the user www-data, I am told www-data does not have permission.

If I use sudo, it asks for www-data’s password, which I do not know. I don’t think it has one. If I were to use su, for example, it would ask for the root password. I believe FreedomBox has no root user. If I typed the admin user’s password, in both cases it would tell me the authentication failed.

I looked around for a default Apache configuration, but I think I read somewhere that FreedomBox’s Apache configuration is different from the default. How would I become the www-data user on FreedomBox? Has anyone installed Movim before?

As normal admin user:
$ sudo -s
Then as root:
# sudo -u www-data -s

Thank you. I was able to execute the command successfully.
With the next series of commands involving installing Composer to the folder, it tells me that /var/www cannot be wriiten to. I think
I can change this property with a chmod command, but is there a reason I should not?


I wanted to install Movim on a test box before installing it on my real box, so I did. Now that I am trying to install it on my ‘production server’, I am running into a similar issue with www-data. I get a ‘Permission denied’ error, even after applying what @jvalleroy suggested when I try to clone the git as www-data. I’m not sure why.