Installing Freedombox to NAND on Cubietruck

Hello there,

1st Thanks for this great idea and all the hardwork…

I have managed to get Freedombox running on a Cubietruck by booting off the SD card…

Is there a way to install this to NAND on the Cubietruck so I can take out the SD card?

Also I have a SSD inside the Cubietruck should I install it to there instead?

I would like to use this CubieBOX / Freedombox as a general server aswell. Is this advisable? I am thinking of setting up a small / light webserver on it - and also thinking of setting up an email server on it and just generally messing around on it as a server. In this case would I be better installing Debian 1st?? :slight_smile:

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Pete A

I haven’t seen a Cubietruck, so I’ll try to answer the remaining questions.

As long as you don’t touch the configuration files of FreedomBox apps, you can use your FreedomBox as a general Debian server. You can host websites on the included Apache server, install other applications and set up the Apache server as a reverse proxy for them.

You might be interested in the Customization page on the wiki.

Is this advisable?

You have to take care of maintaining the applications that you install manually by yourself. I haven’t seen any problems with interoperability so far.
These applications not being automatically updated (like FreedomBox applications are) can be a security risk. Again, depends on how well you maintain them.

also thinking of setting up an email server on it

FreedomBox will implement an email server this year. You can contribute to that effort so that all FreedomBox users can have an email server :angel:

would I be better installing Debian 1st

There wouldn’t be any advantage in installing Debian first and installing freedombox package on it. They are essentially equivalent.