Infcloud + Radicale experiences?

If I might ask an open question to the playground: has anyone successfully installed & deployed the “InfCloud” front-end to Radicale?

And, preferably, was deliriously happy with it and how simple & rock-solid it all went?

(Project here: GitHub - Unrud/RadicaleInfCloud: Integrate InfCloud into Radicale's web interface. )

The pain of setting up multiple calendars & addressbooks on multiple devices is not zero, but I have also been looking to add a web-calendar interface for the purposes of having a fallback option and of having a debugging aid (e.g., DAVx5 has some really picky, borderline impossible-to-discover failure modes; having a front end running on the same machine would help troubleshoot).

I’d like to think InfCloud is trivial to add, but to be frank, its extra-thin installation documentation and Radicale’s similarly abbreviated config docs make me worry.

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