Including Booktype (AGPLv3)?

Just wanted to draw attention to Booktype (AGPLv3), software for collaborative book writing. Perhaps of interest for FreedomBox in the future.

With Booktype you can create books. Real, good-looking paper books you can hold in your hands. You can also use Booktype’s output to PDF, EPUB, XML and HTML to export books ready for Amazon, iBooks, or the open web. [from:]

Thanks @dgj “Everything a book can be” could be of interest for me.

It seems to me that booktype is not (yet) a Debian package.


@fred1m Yes, I am aware it is not in Debian yet and it needs to be in Debian to be included in FreedomBox, but I thought I would draw attention to the software nonetheless. Maybe it will be packaged for Debian one day :slight_smile: