Images for Orange Pi Zero are now available

Orange Pi Zero

Orange Pi Zero is the smallest single board computer (SBC) to be supported by the FreedomBox project. It is also the most affordable one (price range around $10). This SBC can run most of the available FreedomBox applications but only a smaller number at a time due to limited memory.

The board comes with an ARM Cortex A7 Quad Core CPU and 512 MB memory. It can support a microSD card upto 32 GB. Additional storage can be added through the USB 2.0 interface (hard drives with external power are recommended).

The FreedomBox images for Orange Pi Zero are fully free. Please note that they don’t include support for the built-in Wi-Fi module since it needs non-free firmware. It is recommended to use a USB Wi-Fi device with free firmware.

To download images for this SBC, please visit

The FreedomBox Wiki has more detailed information about Orange Pi Zero including hardware specs, installation instructions etc.

Please help us in testing these new images if you have the hardware available and tell us about your experience on any of the supported communication channels.


This would be perfect for a mesh network installation. Great stuff!

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