Ikiwiki RSS/atom feeds not valid

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ikiwiki RSS and atom feeds are not valid due to lack of domain name in URLs.

After recently creating an ikiwiki blog (currently on FreedomBox version 20.21), the RSS and atom feeds generated and linked on the blog main page uses relative links that do not contain a publicly-resolvable domain name. Therefore, feed does not validate when fed to the W3C Feed Validation Service. See the screenshots below to see how the RSS and atom feeds on my Freedombox ikiwiki blog fail to validate.

  • Freedombox version 20.21
  • Ikiwiki version 3.20190228-1

Proposed Solution
Update default ikiwiki configuration files to use the Freedombox’s domain name when automatically generating RSS and atom feeds.

For example, within my RSS feed on my Freedombox at domain name reboil.com,


should probably be something like:




I found a solution for my specific blog (named blog) and FreedomBox domain name (reboil.com) by modifying the /var/lib/ikiwiki/blog.setup file line using $ sudo nano /var/lib/ikiwiki/blog.setup. I changed:

# base url to the wiki
url: /ikiwiki/blog

to instead be:

# base url to the wiki
url: https://reboil.com/ikiwiki/blog

The feed now validates (see screenshot below). I imagine a better solution would be to have a script that performs this change when a blog is first created or whenever the FreedomBox domain name is updated.


Invalid RSS feed:

Invalid atom feed:

Valid RSS feed after manually modifying /var/lib/ikiwiki/blog.setup as described above:

edit(2021-01-04T18:43Z):Noted Freedombox version number.
edit(2021-01-04T18:47Z):Noted Ikiwiki version number.
edit(2021-01-04T20:16Z):Noted specific solution for my particular blog and .setup file.

Thanks, but not working for me.

Thanks for reporting this.

I created a bug in the issue tracker.

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