Ikiwiki - how to create a new Wiki page?

Problem Description
I have installed ikiwiki and created a “Recipes” Wiki page. The intention is to make this page an index of many recipes and to create a new page for each recipe, linked to the index. However I see no way in the Web UI and in the Preferences page to create a new Wiki page. Can this be done in the UI and how?

I see one way to create a new page: login via ssh (or via the terminal in Cockpit) and create the file with admin rights in the Web directory of the Apache server: /var/www/ikiwiki/Recipes/.

Would the MediaWiki app be a better alternative for page creation?

Writing the text above and asking my question helped me explore some different ways to create a new Wiki page. I have found two possible solutions.

  1. Insert an internal wiki link to a non-existing page results in the page being created. In my case, I put the following link in the index file: [[Recipes:FruitSalad]]. Not very intuitive, but it works!
  2. Add a plugin to ikiwiki on FreedomBox: I have discovered the plugin 404 which allows the direct creation of a non-existing page. In the advanced setup page in the UI, I have discovered a line with the 404 plugin in the Web plugins section. But the preceding checkbox is grayed out. I am not sure that a direct change of the ikiwiki setup file and also the Apache config file will resolve the issue. Any help is appreciated.

Hi Roland.

Your variant #1 is the official way how IkiWiki has been designed. Here are their official docs on the topic: https://ikiwiki.info/ikiwiki/wikilink/ - there’s also other good advice on how to make the most of IkiWiki, plugins, themes and the like (you probably already know that).

As for MediaWiki, that brings a more functionality - but it comes at the cost of being more heavyweight in terms of resource usage on your device. So it largely depends on how much computing power you have and can spend on your recipes wiki.