Identity Server

Hi all

Could you please recommend a LIBRE OpenID Connect or similar (SAML) Identity server that FreedomBox (or Debian) includes/support?

I saw this 2019 roadmap, but I cannot find more details of the implementation

I am a bit sad that the project doesn’t have freedom as their goal, so I would like to explore other options. And if it is Debian/Freedombox compatible, then even better!


We were looking more in the direction of SAML plugins for Django, the framework that FreedomBox web interface uses. We didn’t really explore identity servers. Perhaps FreedomBox could use them. Let us know what you find.

Thanks for your reply - much appreciated

Django Authentication system sounds like a great option!
I will explore it in details to see if it can replace Identity Server for my use cases.

PS: I found this in Debian

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