I Support FreedomBox! & /the social dilemma

Hey All,
I just wanted to put this out there, as it has given me an imperative to put more effort into promoting the FreedomBox cause/software stack, and do more within the community at large. I recently watched “/the social dilemma” on Netflix (which I am in no way affiliated with, or otherwise promoting), it was extremely eye opening for my family, and served to remind me of the things that I have come to discover through my own experience, and the experiences of my peers within the IT industry, and other colleagues/friends/like minded folks that I have come in contact with throughout my 51 years of life on this planet.
I have been into open source software since 1993, when I obtained my first copy of Red Hat Linux. Since then, I have been supportive of the cause of open source software, and acutely aware of the changes that have taken place on the Internet, as an active user, developer, contributor, and observer.
More and more, I find myself wanting to completely “cut the cord” from corporate interests in my life, as it is my belief that the model of corporations supporting sustainability on the Internet, and in the real world truly doesn’t exist. Anything that is driven by the need to produce more and more profit each year does not serve humanity - it serves its shareholders, and big business interests. This is not necessarily in alignment with being humanitarian oriented, socially prudent, and socially responsible.
This project, to me, is at its heart, supportive of the interests of humanity, freedom, and liberty, and I intend to devote more of myself to it, because I want to give something back, and hopefully make the world just a little bit better place for it. I also want to say to the senior developers and founders of this project, and to everyone involved here - “Thank You!” for making this project happen, and for your tireless devotion to the betterment of mankind through whatever contributions you make, and the ones you have already made here and elsewhere.
I sincerely hope that this does not offend anyone involved here, I want it to be seen as a positive message for everyone here to keep up the good work! I am thankful for all of you - You make the world a better place, each and every day.

'Nuff Said.