Https://freedombox giving error 403

So I’ve been trying to run Freedombox in a VirtualBox virtual machine (hosted on Linux). After it books, I open a browser and point it to https://freedombox which then redirects to https://freedombox/plinth, but then gives a 403 Forbidden error (You don’t have permission to access /plinth on this server.).

Since I cannot log into the VM (and I’ve not been given the opportunity to set this up yet - because of this error), I’m not sure where to begin the troubleshooting.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you.

Looks like this is a Firefox issue. I tried it with Chrome and it worked fine.

403 Forbidden is sounds like a server side error. It is less likely that this is a browser issue.

  • Could this a momentary error that got fixed after a restart or after the system completed setting itself up for the first time? Could you give Firefox another try?

  • Also, how is the domain freedombox getting resolved to your VM? Could the issue be in here? Could you point me to documentation or steps you have followed?

Hi jlwallen, sunil,

I’m experiencing the same problem and have been for a while.

When i use mDNS to access plinth, I am able to do so just fine. However, when I try to access plinth from outside my network, I get the Forbidden 403.

I have tried from multiple external IPs
The issue occurs on Chrome and Firefox
I have tried restarting the machine
I have a dynamic DNS which points at my home router. My DDNS solution is, which is free with my home router. 443 and 80 are forwarded from my router to the box. The DDNS & port forwarding has worked for me in the past for other services.
Radicale on freedombox works fine with the DDNS & port forwarding I am using. It’s just plinth that doesnt work
My HTTPS cert is provided from certbot using the service on plinth

Are there any suggestions? I’d rather not try reimaging the box since I do actively use FB for my calendar.