Https://freedombox giving error 403


So I’ve been trying to run Freedombox in a VirtualBox virtual machine (hosted on Linux). After it books, I open a browser and point it to https://freedombox which then redirects to https://freedombox/plinth, but then gives a 403 Forbidden error (You don’t have permission to access /plinth on this server.).

Since I cannot log into the VM (and I’ve not been given the opportunity to set this up yet - because of this error), I’m not sure where to begin the troubleshooting.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you.


Looks like this is a Firefox issue. I tried it with Chrome and it worked fine.


403 Forbidden is sounds like a server side error. It is less likely that this is a browser issue.

  • Could this a momentary error that got fixed after a restart or after the system completed setting itself up for the first time? Could you give Firefox another try?

  • Also, how is the domain freedombox getting resolved to your VM? Could the issue be in here? Could you point me to documentation or steps you have followed?