How to setup search to go through TOR with FreedomBox

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Problem Description

Unable to use SEARX with TOR

Steps to Reproduce

  1. install TOR

no link

Expected Results

Auto Link TOR to SEARX with a checkobox?

Actual results

functionality not there.

Steps To Implement:

  1. Install tor
  2. Install searx
  3. go to shell of debian run the following command

pip install -U requests[socks]

Edit the /etc/searx/settings.yml file
find the line “outgoing:”

And make it look like this (or just add proxies lines following)

pool_connections: 100
pool_maxsize: 10
request_timeout: 20.0
useragent_suffix: ‘’
- socks5://localhost:9050
- socks5://localhost:9050
using_tor_proxy : True
extra_proxy_timeout : 10.0 # Extra seconds to add in order to account for the time taken by the proxy

You’ll also want to disable all the SEARCH engines that need CAPTCHA as Searx Doesn’t handle it at all, and they wont work. (Go to preferences and engines tab and disable!!!)

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Hello @DefenderOogway

I think you would agree that a option on the freedombox config page for Searx to use Tor is needed so we can have anonymity with our search engine searches.

So it just a click and Searx is using Tor.

Regards and thanks: peter