How to mount Olimex Lime2 external HD

I have a newbie question: I would to create a share on my external Olimex hard disk (dev/sda1) so that I can store data on it from every device in my house (Android phone, tablet, pc)

I created formatted the disk (GPT) a created a new partition, but then I get the question “mount point”
And I don’t understand what I should type here, dev/sda1 I tried but I can’t use that…

Can anyone explain me what to do?

I believe the mount point is the dir that you want to be able to acess the partition from on your FreedomBox (where you want it mounted). For example, you could create an empty dir at /media/share and mount it there.

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Thank you for your help, from a newbie point of view, I just want to use (enable) the hard disk and use it,
I mounted it to /mnt/data and it works also, shame there is no default logical standard for mounting devices like: USB stick, first external HD, second etc, most important I can continue exploring FreedomBox! Thanks!

You’re welcome. Glad you’ve got it working now! I spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out how to get a share working recently too.