How to fresh install sd card Pioneer-FreedomBox-HSK?

Reason and Situation:

I no longer longer have my login credentials for my Freedombox (FB) account
and would like to create a new account. (Which I presume is the the best approach?)

My device:
Pioneer-FreedomBox-HSK purchased roughly 2 years ago
Black metall box with curved lip and blue butterfly logo size: 7 by 9 cm or 2.5" by 3.5"

I would need the following:

  1. A guide or alternative advice for the above or the following FB reset and fresh app image install
  2. How to reset the Hardware of the FB device
  3. How to wipe and reflash the FB appimage correctly
  4. App imaging packages that I have installed are: Balena-Etcher and Ventoy
  5. Please mention any other applications that may be needed for this process.
  6. Any possible links or guides that display the steps clearly of all the criteria that need to be fullfilled in order to have a successful system reset and appimage re-install.

Up front thankyou for all those that have helped in establishing the FB vision
Great work and thankyou many times for all the help.

best regards


Hello @2.C

Have you had a look at this link.
It should help get you started.

Good luck.